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Why QoreCareers?

QoreCareers is the only online talent community built exclusively for dealerships. By partnering with QoreCareers, dealerships have access to:

  • A candidate-focused recruitment experience that attracts the right talent to your organization,
  • A growing pipeline of candidates truly interested in working for your dealership, and
  • Powerful tools and data to drive future hiring and retention strategies

The Numbers Tell The Story

Employee turnover is costing U.S. dealerships more than $5 billion each year - even more when you factor in the negative impact to customer loyalty. If recruitment dollars aren't spent wisely, your dealership could spend a fortune trying to hire and retain the right staff. 

We're Proactive

At QoreCareers, we're not sitting idly waiting for candidates to find our site. We attract them proactively and keep them engaged by:

  • Promoting relevant industry news and information
  • Cross posting jobs on Google
  • Running social media campaigns
  • Internet search engine advertising
  • Offering educational opportunities and resources

Our Committment

As a QoreCareers customer, you have our commitment that we will:

  • Be the most advanced and powerful talent acquisition platform dedicated to the unique needs of your dealership,
  • Build the largest talent pool of engaged and highly-qualified candidates who are truly interested in working for great dealers like you,
  • Use data to guide modern staffing and retention strategies for dealerships with proven ROI, and
  • Rigorously gauge our success by our ability to deliver exceptional service and results.

Popular locations:

Texas - TX  (1784) | California - CA  (1040) | Wisconsin - WI  (689) | Florida - FL  (669) | Michigan - MI  (587) | Illinois - IL  (539) | Minnesota - MN  (481) | Iowa - IA  (366) | Georgia - GA  (309) | Arizona - AZ  (273)

Popular categories:

Auto  (8900) | RV  (849) | Commercial Vehicles  (467) | Powersports  (28) | Other  (17)

Popular jobs:

Technician (2809) | Service  (2275) | Sales  (1505) | Parts (1125) | Detail (312) | Inventory (125) | Sales Manager (110) | General Manager (42) | F&I Manager  (33)